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  5. "Onlar gazete okurlar."

"Onlar gazete okurlar."

Translation:They read newspapers.

March 26, 2015



why "newspaper" is a mistake here? In Turkish it is also singular...


I think the problem is regarding to English this time. Because you can't say 'They read newspaper.' in English.(Duolingo is teaching me new things.)


But you can say "They read the newspaper"


Yes, but that would be 'Onlar gazateyi okurlar.' since we're talking about a certain newspaper.


I wrote that bt they said it incorrect too


Why newspapers ıt must be newspaper


Exactly, it should be "gazeteler"


Hello Mehdi_Hosseini

Exactly, it should be "gazeteler"

No it does not!

I'm asking you to read all the comments here that say it is not, "gazeteler."

Then reflect on those comments, pause & think before asking me to explain why it is not?

I'm asking you to reply to me on Monday 13/09/2021 if you are still not convinced.

Thank you.


Hello Mehdi_Hosseini

General direct objects do not take the plural suffix in Turkish. This sentence could be either "books" or "a book." Keep in mind, this ambiguity is only true when it is a direct object and not when it is a subject.

"Kitap okurlar."

They read books.

They read a book.

"Onlar gazete okurlar."

They read newspapers.

They read a newspaper.

Thank you.


If someone says this sentence, how should I know if they mean 'newspapers' or 'a newspaper'?


If someone says this sentence, you should know that it means "newspapers".

Maybe how? I'll explain:

X Y a newspaper = X bir gazete Y (undefinite singular - used with "bir")

X Y newspapers = X gazete Y (undefinite plural - used without "bir")

X = subject; Y = predicate / verb

This is very clear whether it is singular or plural.



Annnnd with this link, you can defeat the turkish verb conjugations easily..


In reality I assume you wouldn't actually use both Onlar and okular? I've read you would only use one or the other?


I've read you would only use one or the other?

That's not really true. You can omit/include "onlar" as you wish and the meaning will still be the same.

Onlar okur/Onlar okurlar/Okurlar all mean "they read".


When I traveled in Istanbul for a few summers visiting relatives, I listened to everyday speech, the plural as well as onlar are often omitted in Turkish, I guess it depends who is speaking. Younger people tend to omit some words and pronunciate others so that us foreigners can't listen to all the words there! I also verified this with my Turkish teacher who grew up in Istanbul as well. I hope this helps...


Why is the translation 'a newspaper' instead of 'the newspaper'?


"The newspaper" would have an accusative marker, making it "gazeteyi". Without the marker, it can mean either "a newspaper" or "newspapers".


I write everything down from my lesson so which of the following is actually correct because the practice sentence I got before was " Onlar gazete okur" but this time it is "Onlar gazete okurlar"


What I got so far is BOTH versions are perfectly correct. In Turkish, when using 3rd Person Plural (They/Onlar) you always can cut the plural ("-lar" or "-ler") from the verb . If you do that the verb stays in the same form as in 3rd person singular (in this case: "okur") :)

p.s. Why are there no time stamps here, you never know wether a comment is one day or one year old ^^


why gazete and not gazeteyi?


Because it is not a definite form in this sentence.

the newspapers = gazeteyi (object)


Why is there no bir here?


Because it is the plural in this sentence.


Newspaper.. gazete ... newspapers... gazeteler ? I am confused




Possessive case example:

Selcen_Ozturk (miss)

& please read what (miss) has said on singulars & plurals.

"The girls' newspapers." - Kızların gazeteleri.

Why is it gazeteleri?

It's because the possessive suffix follows 4-way vowel harmony (not 2)

So you have to use i, ı, u, or ü. Since the last vowel is e, it maps to i.

The girl's newspapers. = The newspapers of the girl = kızın gazeteleri.

The girls' newspapers. = The newspapers of the girls = kızların gazeteler.

Thank you.


Newspaper isn't a mistake


Gazetelar will be plural. So it is a mistake. They read newspaper is correct


You are not right.

"They read a newspaper" would translate as "Onlar bir gazete okur" that is singular.

Without "bir" would be the plural in Turkish.

PS. the plural for gazete is gazeteler.


Previous sentence "onlar gazete okurlar" was wrong but "okur" then why!!!??!?


Why sometimes okur , okurlar for same meaning ?


I just add the


okur for (he, she, it)


Can we use ukur and okurler with onlar?If yes then why...?


Why is "They read the newspapers" wrong?

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