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"Hvorfor går de ikke med til det?"

Translation:Why do they not agree to that?

March 26, 2015



if this is a some kind of a phraze, shouldn't it be shown when you hover over the sentence?


I agree. The best I could come up with was ''Why did they not go to it (or that)'', but I guess if you think about it, ''Why did they not go with it'' could be loosely interpreted as not 'agreeing' with something. Kinda similar to saying ''are you in it?'' or ''are you with us?'', in terms of asking if someone is agreeing to a plan or idea. That's how I'm going to remember this anyway, maybe it will help someone.


Got me confused, too. It's nowhere transparent. I was at a loss here.


I've noticed that that's the case with pretty much all non-literal phrases on here.


As a German speaker, this is similar to the German way of saying this phrase...Why are they not doing it with? Warum machen die nicht mit? Just something to remember!


It is also similar to the English "Why are they not going along with it?" -- which is accepted.

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