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  5. "Øllene er åbne."

"Øllene er åbne."

Translation:The beers are open.

March 26, 2015



Well, it's about time!


Is this phrase used as an adjective or a verb?


"Åben" is the adjective (which is what is being used in this sentence, just in its e-form due to "øllene" being plural) , "at åbne" is the verb (Jeg åbner døren = I am opening the door)


But here it's being used as an adjective, so why is it "åbne"


Sorry if I was unclear. Here "åbne" is describing a plural ("øllene") and so is in its e-form


Tak for det. But why is this sentence then filed under present verbs? Is it an adverb


No idea. I imagine it was to show that "åbne" can be the e-form of the adjective "åben" as well as the infinitive form of the verb, but it does seem oddly placed (even though "er" is the present tense form of "være" so I guess it counts) but I didn't write it and not sure who did.

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