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  5. "Ar tharla sé fós?"

"Ar tharla fós?"

Translation:Has it happened yet?

March 26, 2015



How would you say "did it still happen"?


Do you mean “still” in the sense of “nonetheless”?


Yes, as in "I heard it rained earlier, did the concert still happen?"


Ar tharla sé fós féin?


What is "féin" in this translation?


It modifies fós. fós féin can be thought of as "even still" or "all the same".


So...I'm gathering from this sentence and from the discussions on other sentences that the Irish past can often (but maybe not always?) be used for the English imperfect? Am I right?


The English present perfect rather than the English imperfect, but otherwise yes, you’re right. The present perfect in English has more uses than its Irish analogue.


Why isn't it "Ar tharla é fós?"


Because "it" is the subject of the verb so it turns into "sé".

It's "é" when it is the object of a verb or comes with a preposition.

If you think of "he" it's easy to get: he = sé, him = é.


How would you distinguish "Has it happened yet" vs "Did it happen yet" in Irish or would it be the same? They are nearly identical in meaning but different tenses.


Irish generally doesn't distinguish those tenses from each other. Irish does have a perfect tense but it's correct usage is much more limited than English, and it's only rarely used in the negative or interrogative.


I wrote "has it already happened" and I'm not sure why "fós" wouldn't mean "already" in this context?


For the same reason that "yet" doesn't mean "already" in this context. "Has it happened yet?" is asking for confirmation that "it" has yet to happen, whereas "has it already happened?" is asking for confirmation that "it" has (already) happened. While there is uncertainty, yet implies anticipation, whereas already implies that the event is (probably) in the past.

Ar thárla sé fós? - "Has it happened yet?"/"Did it happen yet?"
Ar thárla sé cheana? - "Has it already happened?"/"Did it already happen?"


Cad ata cearr le "Did it happen yet"?

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