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"Thit agus bhuail an carr mé."

Translation:I fell and the car hit me.

March 26, 2015



And that's why you always pass a cyclist with >=1.5m clearance!


I bet Pól was driving


Is this not one of those circumstances where "agus" becomes "when"?


It would need to be "agus é" to mean "when", right?


"I went ar*e over thit and the car hit me."

[deactivated user]

    Still not accepting "when" for "agus" as of July 20, 2016. Quite annoying seeing the course has sentences where you are expected to use "agus" as "when".


    It doesn't accept "when" because the sentence doesn't mean "I fell when the car hit me".

    "I fell when the car hit me" means that the car caused me to fall - thit mé nuair a bhuail an carr mé.

    "I fell and the car hit me" means that I fell first, and then the car hit me. Thit mé agus bhuail an carr mé

    agus could be translated as "when" if it is clear that the fall occurred first - "I had fallen when the car hit me" (you can replace "when" with "and then" in this sentence, as scilling suggests above). Bhí mé tar éis titim agus bhuail an carr mé


    Is carr not also called gluaisteán


    "The cyclist collided with the car" seems to be a common headline in the media these days... Uh, NO!

    [deactivated user]

      could it be: I fell and I hit the car?


      No. The subject comes before the object.

      "I hit the car" - bhuail mé an carr
      "the car hit me" - bhuail an carr mé

      [deactivated user]
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