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"D'fhan an léachtóir san ollscoil ar feadh oíche."

Translation:The lecturer stayed in the university for a night.

March 26, 2015



Why not "at the university"? "in the university" sounds very odd to me (American English speaker).


In east Atlantic English, 'at the university' tends to mean the institution of university whereas 'in the university' usually means the physical building or location.


"The lecturer stayed in the university overnight." Could overnight be a translation of it?

I see that 'ar feadh na hoíche' has the meaning of all night. Is the use of the genitive in this form a way to distinguish between the senses? It appears that this form is stressing something along the lines of, 'for the whole of the night', whereas the one without the genitive might be more like he stayed a night, and not two or more.


I used the English expression "for the night." Is there a better Irish phrase for this or should I claim my read should have been accepted? To me "for a night" and "for the night" are pretty much the same, but "for one night" is rather different. Duolingo is pretty picky about its English, and this to me seems a questionable call.


You would need an an with oíche for it to be "the night"


" remained" is not good ?

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