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Dutch spelling-related questions

Hello, there!

Before I ask you guys, I would like to explain a bit how these questions came across my mind.

I'm an exchange student currently hosted in Belgium. So, here I study at a Flemish school just like other students. A few days ago, in Dutch class, we learned about spellings of a bunch of Dutch words in connection with whether they are 'samenstelling' or 'afleiding'. For example, we learned why it is 'zonnestelsel' instead of 'zonneNstelsel' since it is 'sterreNstelsel' instead of 'sterrestelsel'. In such a case, my Dutch teacher explained that normally a 'samenstelling' consists of more than one dependent word. 'Sterrenstelsel' consists of 'sterren' and 'stelsel'. 'Sterren' has its own meaning. So does 'stelsel'. That is how a 'samenstelling' normally is. Then, why isn't it 'zonneNstelsel' then? She said that it was because the word 'zonne' coming from 'zon' is unique: there's only one sun. So if it is unique, it's written without an N. Another example of a 'samenstelling' is 'spijsverteringsstelsel'. Why do you need two S's? She elaborated it was due to the fact that in Dutch you say 'spijsverteringSkanaal' and not 'spijsverteringkanaal'. So the two S's of 'spijsverteringsstelsel', one S comes from the word 'stelsel' itself and another comes from the reason of 'spijverteringskanaal'.

Then we talked about afleiding. Afleiding consists of a word with a suffix. In this case, it was the word 'vedettedom'. Why isn't it 'vedettendop'? She said it was because the word 'vedet' has two plural forms: vedetten and vedettes. That's why it's simply written vedette.

Now my questions are, if the rules are like that, why do you say 'buitenShuis' instead of 'buitenhuis'? Jullie zeggen toch 'buitenland' en niet 'buitenSland'? Again, why do you say 'rundvlees' not 'rundSvlees'? Jullie zeggen toch 'rundskop'.

P.S. I heard my teacher's explanation completely in Dutch. So, if there's something incorrect with what I explained above, it's absolutely my fault of misunderstanding her. Also, I am so sorry if my questions are confusing and poorly explained. Your responses are greatly appreciated. :)

3 years ago