"Den lille pige med svovlstikkerne havde ingen sko på, selvom det var vinter."

Translation:The little match girl did not have any shoes on, even though it was winter.

March 26, 2015

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Surely this says "the little girl with the sulphur matches...". How are we to know to instead swap this around to the little match girl? (I don't know the fairytale")


By now knowing that a fairytale like this exists and consequently applying the new knowledge. :)

To be fair, I think "The little girl with the matchsticks" is accepted as well. But, umm, you should go and read it. It's sweet and sad.


Can 'havde ... paa' not be the past tense of 'har ... paa' to wear (i.e. 'wore')? '...wore no shoes...' should be alright, no?


That is correct.


Puh, that is a hell of a large jump from the "little girl with the sulphur match sticks" like in the fairy tale to the " match girl". I have been searching for the missing words. Best greetings, Werner

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