Duolingo and ML & NLP

How is duolingo using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing? I don't want to ask too much details (corporate secret), though I see so many possibilities to use NLP in the learning process that it really fascinates me to know, where everywhere is duolingo using NLP and ML. Thanks.

9/3/2013, 2:42:46 AM

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We use ML/NLP in a number of ways. I won't go into technical details, but a few of the places where we use these technologies are:

  • predicting your word strength
  • figuring out which sentences will help you best practice your weakest words/skills (for example, Duolingo shouldn't have you practice nouns you know with sentences where verbs are in past subjunctive... if you haven't yet learned that tense).
  • recommending immersion practice documents (translations) based on your progress
  • estimating the quality of a translation-in-progress

There are several more, including some projects still in development. Thanks for asking!

9/3/2013, 3:19:20 PM

I like this, I am also particularly interested in machine learning and basically anything that has anything to do with AI.

9/3/2013, 1:42:20 PM
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