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Duolingo and ML & NLP

How is duolingo using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing? I don't want to ask too much details (corporate secret), though I see so many possibilities to use NLP in the learning process that it really fascinates me to know, where everywhere is duolingo using NLP and ML. Thanks.

September 3, 2013



We use ML/NLP in a number of ways. I won't go into technical details, but a few of the places where we use these technologies are:

  • predicting your word strength
  • figuring out which sentences will help you best practice your weakest words/skills (for example, Duolingo shouldn't have you practice nouns you know with sentences where verbs are in past subjunctive... if you haven't yet learned that tense).
  • recommending immersion practice documents (translations) based on your progress
  • estimating the quality of a translation-in-progress

There are several more, including some projects still in development. Thanks for asking!


I like this, I am also particularly interested in machine learning and basically anything that has anything to do with AI.

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