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  5. "He is talking to the child."

"He is talking to the child."

Translation:Han taler til barnet.

March 26, 2015



Only one question: what relation are "at snakke" and "at tale" in? In this particular case, would it be right if one said "Han snakker med barnet"?

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My feeling: when you say 'han snakker med', both are equal, whereas with 'han taler til' the speaker is talking down to the child (figuratively).


Actually, "Han taler med barnet" is also right and the equal version. at snakke is more casual than at tale.


Taler til/ved/med/(without prep)... Any difference?


It is also my problem, with all those på, til, for, om, ved


Could anyone please help me with the following verbs equivalent in Danish?

  1. speak with somebody (''with'' in English implies a back and forth interactive conversation in which someone we speak is also involved and therefore contributes to the dialogue.)

  2. speak to somebody (In this case, ''to'' suggests more of an one sided sort as in a situation involving authority. e.g. If someone's done something wrong, their supervisor might speak to them about what they've done and how he/she expects it to be remedied.)

  3. talk with somebody (when two or more people speak with each other about something on equal terms generally in an informal way.)

  4. talk to somebody (implies an one-sided conversation in a directing way about specific matter(s) especially in order to explain or to lecture or to warn about something.)


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