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New voice in Spanish to English tree.

I have been regilding my reverse tree regularly, and noticed today that there is a new voice for the English sentences. Has anyone doing the reverse tree without turning off the sound noticed it, and is the quality better? It seems to me that it is, but I only strengthened one lesson today and it didn't have any of the really problematic words. The same question goes for other reverse trees - is there a new voice, and if so, is it better?

March 26, 2015



The Ivona female US English voice was in AB testing since early February as a replacement for the Linguatec TTS that was previously in use by all courses teaching English. It looks like it tested positively because they pushed it to everyone sometime on Tuesday (it last appeared in my daily ab_options log at 22:42 on 23 March, and was gone 23 hours later at 21:48 on 24 March). The Ivona voices are significantly better than the non-Ivona voices used by Duolingo.


[deactivated user]

    I will have to check that out on my English for Indonesian course. I previously reported several of the English sentences as being incorrect in pronunciation.


    I just noticed it. I have been mostly focusing on the Spanish tree so when I thought I should regild some skills in my English tree, I was very pleasantly surprised. I think it is a great improvement, but like you, I haven't yet encountered some of the oddities that would pop up. On one sentence though, I clearly heard "did" when "do" should have been spoken. At any rate, I greatly appreciate the improvement.


    By my opinion, the new speaker is terrible. I cannot understand any word.


    That's surprising to hear. As a native speaker of English (US), the new voice sounds far more natural and clear to me. With the old voice, I often had to replay the audio slowly to be able to differentiate between some sounds.


    Not a native English speaker, but I agree. I noticed a few problems with the audio in the reverse Italian tree, but they had nothing to do with the new voice directly. Apparently, some sentences have been changed by the contributors but the corresponding audio has not been updated (e.g. the text reads "She does" and the TTS says "She did").


    OK, it is good to know. There is probably something wrong on my side :-). Mirek

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