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More languages as base language

Well, my native language is german but the courses for german speaking people are too few for me so I startet learning many languages in english. The thing is that I would still want to do some courses in german as soon as they are avaliable but sadly that seems to be not really possible. I tried it once with the app and suddenly my whole list of languages was gone and only that course in german was on the list. I was quite shocked but luckily my saves were not lost and I was able to bring the english list back.

So, it would be nice if it could become possible to have several 'base languages' (like learning turkish with english and spanish with german)

[I don't really know if this is the right forum for this request but... yeah... I think this is a trouble worth shooting]

March 26, 2015



It is certainly possible, and you were doing it correctly. Just change your base language to German, then start a course. You can go back to English as your base language anytime without losing any work or progress. It is a little inconvenient, but don't worry about losing your progress.


I had the same. I am french but living in amsterdam, i wanted to start learning dutch which is only available for english native speaker. But now I want to improve my english and learn italian which are available for french native speaker. It is really inconvenient to switch native language and search for these courses everyday. It would be really nice to have an update that free us from one basic language at once on the home page and learning menu.

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