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Explanation or Link when we get a lesson wrong

I am wondering if the Duolingo team has ever considered (perhaps at some time in the future?) giving us a link, or an explanation, when we get a lesson wrong. What happens now, when I miss something, is that I often Google the word or concept, oftentimes ending up on spanish.about.com, or at some other site. Quite often I get the info I need. But wouldn't it be great if Duolingo explained the concept, or provided a link for us to follow? Just an idea. Thanks for all that you do, Duolingo team!

September 3, 2013



Hi Leslie_Duo! We do have grammar hints that you can find when hovering over words / verbs in the sentence. Are you interested in more in depth grammar points? Also, what concepts in Spanish do you think need more explaining? We're always improving and this type of specific feedback is super helpful!


Yes, more in-depth grammar points are what I had in mind. I'm trying to find a good example to give you (of course, I can't find one when I need it, haha!). If I find one, I will report it in the "report error" section, to your attention, if that's alright. Or let me know if there is a better way to contact you when I find a good example. Thank you for the prompt reply.

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