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Too much forced revision

I am beginning to feel very frustrated with the amount of 'strengthening' that I am now being required to do. I only have a limited amount of time available to me every day to devote to Duolingo. I had to lower my daily goal to 1 XP when the system changed and we had to do so much revision for so few XPs. I appreciate the value of revision and have, myself, chosen to revise topics I felt I needed to spend more time on but now I am finding that I have to rattle through two or more practice lessons everyday before I can make any progress. The trouble is that because I resent these imposed revision sessions I'm not in the best frame of mind to make best use of them. OK - perhaps that is a criticism of me but, still, it is not very helpful and is taking a good deal of the pleasure out of learning French with Duolingo.

March 26, 2015



You're not required to strengthen any of your skills. If that were the case I'd be in trouble! ;)


You're not "required" to strengthen anything before doing whatever else in Duolingo you want to. I generally limit myself to strengthening one topic each day. I have, now, about eight ungilded and I can still continue with new material on the tree, do immersion, etc.


here is a easy way to strengthen them 1.click words in the top banner 2. click review flashcards on the left side of the screen 3. complete the cards and the strength of the words will go up


If you feel frustrated and you're not finding pleasure . . . take a break.

Curious? Have you mastered the material that the system is asking you to review?

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