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"O carro que estava na rua era vermelho."

Translation:The car that was on the street was red.

September 3, 2013



'On the street' is American, 'In the road' is English. We do say on the street/s in England but we almost exclusively use it to mean that someone is homeless and living 'on the street.'


When do you use "estava" and "era" if they both mean "was" ?


the car that used to be in/on the street was red... the car that had been in/on the street was red... hm?


"had been" = «tinha estado»/«estara» = past perfect tense/préterito-mais-que-perfeito


"the car which ..." was marked wrong - who can tell me why?


I wrote "the street" twice and got this correction: The car that in that road was red.
Why is the answer insisting "that" road?


Sound / audio:

I only hear "O carro... estava na rua era vermelho". The "que" word is omitted.

Why can "q" not follow "o"?
I can understand that two "e" following each other may be too much to pronounce.

In general I do not understand Portuguese letter pronunciation yet. I think there should be a skill dedicated to this in the tree, shouldn't it?!

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When que follows O, the phrase means "what"


I put "The car on the street was red" and got it wrong

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