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  5. "Benim ayım"

"Benim ayım"

Translation:My bear

March 26, 2015



Do you need the 'benim"? Or can 'my bear' translate to just 'ayim' (dotless i)?


you don't need it, you can always omit the possessive adjectives; unless there is more than one in a sentence ("Bu benim ayım, şu senin ayın" - in this case you cannot omit)


I said "My moon". Why is this incorrect?


probably, if for no other reason, for the fact that "bear" has already been a vocab word in a previous skill, whereas "moon" has not.


It might be about moon bears: link


If I wanted to say my month (ay) will it be benim ayım?


Yes it will be true.also,for fun examples,check the following list!

My bear: Benim ayım.

My uncle: Benim dayım. My O!: Benim hayım.(Hay!,is exclamation for O!,slang) My faultline: Benim fayım. My summer rain: Benim kayım.(Kay is an old fashioned word for summer rain) My number: Benim sayım. My arrow: Benim yayım. My rail: Benim rayım.(my railroad) My colt: Benim tayım. My wow!: Benim vayım.(Vay!,is the exclamation for Wow!)

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