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  5. "Ben bir gazete okurum."

"Ben bir gazete okurum."

Translation:I read a newspaper.

March 26, 2015



What are the different endings to write for any word? an how can you tell when you use what? THIS IS SO COMPLICATED!!!



At least this isn't Polish! You have to change the word itself! Be glad you can just stick suffixes on words in Turkish!


In this case there is not accusative mark on 'gazete' because that specific word doesn't take one; or because the use of 'bir'?


If you used the accusative form, it would have a meaning similar to 'one of the newspapers'.

Imagine you are a cop. There are maniacs in the city centre just shooting at everybody for no reason. You go there and shoot one of them. You say to your superior on the radio "Bir adamı öldürdüm (I killed a man(one of the men) )". Afterwards you think "Oh my God, what have I done! I have just killed a man! " and say "Bir adam öldürdüm! (I killed a man!). Bohemian rapsody


So what's the difference between "ben gazete okurum" and "ben bir gazete okurum" ?


I think it's that adding 'bir' which means 'one' means you are specifically reading one book, rather than reading a book. Maybe a contextual difference?


Is this past or present tense "read"?


both of them, past and present


why we didn't say '' ben bir gazeteyi okurum''. When we add something to the noun. I'm confused


Yessssssss I can do it but this speaker Loooooong


When do we use "um" or "im" For first person and when do we use "siz" or "suz" for second person?

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