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Starting same course from multiple languages and badge

Hello. I started the Spanish course from English and from Portuguese. I started as well the English course from Spanish and Portuguese. Sometimes my level on the forums appear as the level considering all the xp collected (sometimes I see English level 13 and Spanish level 10). In other moments i see the higher level among my languages (English level 12 and Spanish level 8, from Portuguese).

Did someone else notice this level inconsistency?

March 26, 2015



YES. My badge levels are way off.

I'm doing French from English and Spanish. I've seen two of my comments on the same discussion thread show different values. It's a wreck. I try to just ignore it, though it is embarrassing to have a huge streak and miserably low levels showing :)


I am seeing you now as level 14 in French and 9 in Spanish :)


and I see myself now as 12 in English and 8 in Spanish


Yeah but I'm 24 in Spanish and 22 in French. I usually see my higher numbers when I first post something, then when I refresh the page the numbers are lower.

You were 12 and 8 and now you show 13 and 10 to me. It will drive you crazy worrying about it. Just accept it and keep on studying. (Do as I say, not as I do, haha! It's frustrating to work so hard and see your badge showing way less than you know you've earned)


Yes. I notice this too. I have level 21 in English and level 14 in French, but often French is hidden and English is something low.

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