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"Bu kaşık hangi maddeden yapılmış?"

Translation:Which material is this spoon made of?

March 26, 2015



I saw this sentence and was wondering the same thing. After being told time and time again that I was "overusing -miş" I all but dropped it from my active vocabulary.

What difference is conveyed here through using "yapılmış" instead of "yapıldı"?


because you did not see that it was being made :) And this is also sort of a fixed usage, for "made of" always use "yapılmış".


Which/What material was this spoon made from


Correct English (i.e. not ending with a preposition..) "From what material is this spoon made?"


Why is -miş being used here?


If you ask someone who made the spoon or saw the process of making you can use "-dı", but if you ask someone who didn't made the spoon but learned from someone else how spoon made then use "-miş".


The sentence is correct!!!!!!


The pronunciation of this woman is not good. She is not from Turkey, probably from Central Asia. My guess is from Uzbekistan. Too bad Duolingo is using non-turkish speakers.


It’s not a person, it’s text-to-speech software, which means it sometimes sounds a bit robotic. But if it managed to fool you into thinking it’s a person, it’s not doing a terrible job.

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