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"Bu kaşık hangi maddeden yapılmış?"

Translation:Which material is this spoon made of?

March 26, 2015



I saw this sentence and was wondering the same thing. After being told time and time again that I was "overusing -miş" I all but dropped it from my active vocabulary.

What difference is conveyed here through using "yapılmış" instead of "yapıldı"?


because you did not see that it was being made :) And this is also sort of a fixed usage, for "made of" always use "yapılmış".


Which/What material was this spoon made from


Correct English (i.e. not ending with a preposition..) "From what material is this spoon made?"


Why is -miş being used here?


If you ask someone who made the spoon or saw the process of making you can use "-dı", but if you ask someone who didn't made the spoon but learned from someone else how spoon made then use "-miş".


Why is 'made from' wrong and 'made of' right? Both make sense in English.

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