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Language level does not display properly

I have this weird little glitch. That is, my profile says my level in German is 14, as one can easily check:

However, when posting to discussions it shows a random number from 2 to 14:

I've no idea what level will Duo show once I post this.

That is not something new, in fact, I think I had this issue for a few months now. It doesn't bug me much, but it seems to be a bug and I haven't seen it mentioned (except for this thread, possibly related), so I thought I'd post it here.

One idea I have in mind is that I'd once tried learning German from Russian a while ago (and that might have broken something), but I deleted the German course shortly after.

Any advice? Can I file a bug report?

March 26, 2015

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Relax :D ... It has nothing to do with other courses. I have seen many discussions about this problem. I usually encounter such bugs with non-English platforms i.e "when you are learning a language from any languages different from English" in my case that is Arabic and German platforms.

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