Wrong Time Zone

I created my account on the East Coast USA and currently I'm still on the east coast, yet the day ends at 11:00 AM for me. This is just so annoying.

March 26, 2015


It's currently on the right time zone for me, but I think only until the UK moves onto british summer time in a few days. The Duo-Day recently went from ending at 11pm to ending at midnight for me, which was nice if confusing, until I realised that the USA had recently had their daylights savings change.

It would be nice to set our own time zone, or have it follow our computer clock at the very least (although I know that won't work for everyone). Particularly when, for internationals, the day-end jumps about unexpectedly! An unexpected extra hour is nice, but opening Duo to find the day is already over an hour early in the autumn might not be :P

The day ends at 11:00 AM.

Same here. I am in Finland and my day ends at 23:00 too. And the daylight saving change didn't help at all. I would like to decide myself when the day ends. I sometimes stay up late and it would be nice if the day ended later. I think that it is somehow cheating playing a new day after 23:00 because it feels like the previos day... :P

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