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  5. "Bu elbise kaç lira?"

"Bu elbise kaç lira?"

Translation:How many liras is this dress?

March 26, 2015



Really? In real English: How many liras for this dress? In Turkish sentence given, the için is understood as well as the verb -dır. Which means The Turkish sentence given here is common shorthand Turkish. But the English translation is not and i.m.o. not really correct.


The English translation is just awful. No English speaker would say this. We would say "how much".


Is lira not an uncountable noun in English?


When i google "500 turkish lira", google changes it to "liras". So it must be liras i think.


Interesting - when I do it (on google.co.uk) that doesn't happen. I think money in general is never meant to be a countable noun in English - see e.g. here. However, Wiktionary disagrees, so who knows!


"Three dollar" would certainly be wrong by most standards.


İf so does it not need to be "how MUCH"?


Nope, "How many lira...." or "How many liras"


Is it normal to say "how many dollars ..." when asking for a price?


In general usage you would ask, "Bu elbisenin fiyatı kaç or ne kadar"?


I would normally use the verb "to cost" but if I heard "how many dollar is..." I wouldn't think it sounded odd.


When ever we use a specific currency like taka, euros or pounds we use "many". However, if you were talking about 'money', an uncountable noun, you'd use "much."


Audio: when typing what I hear, I do not hear "lira" at the end but something else.

On "turtle" it sounds fine so I can figure it out.

What I hear sounds more like "kaç ino"

Reported. The Turkish "r" seems to vary a lot but normally when I figure out what is meant I can hear it. I wonder what other people are hearing here.


me too! i hear something like "kaç uya" but i memorised it so i know they mean "lira"


If we are talking about the orice of the dress it should be how much does this dress cost ( in turkish liras if necessary)


Amount of a given currency is countable, however amount of price is uncountable. Therefore, one says "How many liras? " for the amount of but "How much is the price of this? " or even better "How much does this cost?" for the amount or price.

Having said that, no one in their right mind would inquire the price of an entity as "How many liras does this cost?" in English even when the currency is of importance. One would ask it as "How much does this cost" or "How much does this cost in liras?".


Lira doesn't have a -s in it's plural form, even in English

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