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More specific exercises

I think it may be useful to give the opportunity to do specific exercises, for example, only translations from your native language to which you are learning, or vice versa, or just pronunciation exercises, or verb conjugation, etc.

What do you think?

September 3, 2013



Good idea. I know some Latin (passively) so when I'm reading a French text, I can often guess what words mean. But this knowledge doesn't help at all with producing correct French sentences. Having the option to do exercises where I only translate from English to French would be great.


I totally agree, even if my proposal will not be considered, in any case I think the staff should add many more translations from English to the language you are learning. I think the production of phrases is actually the part which many users find more difficult.


I agree, I think this would be great.


I also completely agree. It's actually frustrating me when i see my "word strength" is artificially high, whereas in reality i know i only learned to recognize italian words, but I would be compeltely unable to produce them myself!

Even if your suggestion won't be picked up by duolingo because they want to have more control over what is being taught with their "data-driven" approach, at the very least the proportion of translations from english to the target language should be much higher.

It's actually really frustrating to me so pardon me for saying that at times it seems to me that duolingo's business model dictates what skills are being taught most.

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