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Serbian lessons, part 5

Dear friends,

I hope you have learned something in my previous lessons. I didn’t have an idea it would be this difficult to make those lessons. I mean, Serbian grammar is hard, especially when I try to explain rules in English. But I hope I am good teacher. At least, I do my best to explain things as good as I can :)

Until now, we have learned our two alphabets, greetings, how to say something about you, how to make a plural of nouns and how to know which gender is. Last time we had the hardest lessons of all – the present tense. Today we will learn more words to build our vocabulary.

My previous lessons

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Воће / voće - fruit

Јабука / jabuka - apple

Крушка / kruška - pear

Бресква / breskva - peach

Поморанџа / pomorandža - orange

Банана / banana – banan

Шљива / šljiva - plum

Мандарина / mandarina – tangerine

Јагода / jagoda - strawberry

Лимун / limun – lemon

Поврће / povrće - vegetables

Кромпир / krompir - potato

Бели лук / beli luk - garlic

Црни лук / crni luk - onion

Паприка / paprika - peper

Парадајз / paradajz - tomato

Краставац / krastavac – cucumber


Сок / sok - juice

Кафа / kafa - coffee

Чај / čaj - tea

Пиво / pivo - beer

Вино / vino - wine

For example,

Сок од јабуке / sok od jabuke – apple juice

Сок од брескве / sok od breskve – peach juice

Доручак / doručak - breakfast

Ручак / ručak - lunch

Вечера / večera - dinner


Понедељак / ponedeljak - Monday

Уторак / utorak - Tuesday

Среда / sreda - Wednesday

Четвртак / četvrtak - Thursday

Петак / petak - Friday

Субота / subota - Saturday

Недеља / nedelja - Sunday


Јануар / januar - January

Фебруар / februar - February

Март / mart - March

Април / april - April

Мај / maj - May

Јун / jun - June

Јул / jul - July

Август / avgust - August

Септембар / septembar - September

Октобар / oktobar - October

Новембар / novembar - November

Децембар / decembar - December

We can now try to make sentences with the words we have learned.

Мој рођендан је 16. децембра. / Moj rodjendan je 16. decembra. – My birthday is on 16th of December.

Не волим да једем јабуке. / Ne volim da jedem jabuke. – I do not like to eat apples.

Волим да једем кромпир и да пијем сок од брескве. / Volim da jedem krompir i da pijem sok od breskve. – I like to eat potato and to drink peach juice.

Can you make some of them also? :)

I have found some really cool facts about my country and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you will enjoy reading them :)

Ten fun facts about Serbia

Fact 1 - Most Serbian last names end with the letters “-ić”.

Fact 2 - The country has been topping the global raspberry export list for several years now. Even in 2012, almost 95% of the world’s raspberries came from Serbia.

Fact 3 - In 274 AD, Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor was born in the Serbian city of Nis.

Fact 4 - Between the 3rd and 4th centuries, a total of eighteen emperors were born on what is modern day Serbia. That number accounts for a fifth of all Roman rulers.

Fact 5 - The only Serbian world that is accepted and used across the world is “vampire”.

Fact 6 - The Serbian clock-making industry is even older than the world-famous Swiss one. The Serbs had their own clock 600 years before the Swiss did.

Fact 7 - The Old Downtown Church that stands in the downtown section of Cacak is home to a religious building that has been turned into a mosque a record ten times.

Fact 8 - The very first video transmission between North America and Europe that took place in 1963 featured the White Angel from the Serbian fresco at Monastery Milesevo.

Fact 9 - Excluding the great powers, Serbia and Belgium were the only countries that went onto forming the European Union.

Fact 10 - Europe’s largest gorge, the Djerdap Gorge is situated in Serbia. The mighty Danube river flows through it.

Ђердапска клисура / Đerdapska klisura / The Djerdap Gorge

I hope you have enjoyed in my new lesson.

Видимо се ускоро, пријатељи моји :)

Vidimo se uskoro, prijatelji moji :)

See you soon, my friends :)


March 26, 2015



Zdravo, ti si veoma dobra profesorica srpskog jezika. Very well done.


Zdravo i hvala ti puno :) It means a lot to hear it :)


Wow! What a great post! Thank you. :)


You're welcome! I am glad you like it :)


Wow, thank you so much for posting, Gaga!! :) This is so wonderful! I will add this to our course very soon! And thank you for all these wonderful facts, about your wonderful country :)


You're welcome! And thank you for being such a wonderful friend :)


Najbolja lekcija do sad! :) Svaka čast i za prethodna četiri posta. :) Jako lepo objašnjavaš, i zaista uživam u čitanju tvojih postova. Ispravila bih te samo za ono što si napisala na početku. Ja ne mislim da si dobra, već da si najbolja učiteljica srpskog jezika! :)


Oh hvala ti puno na ovim lepim rečima. Mnogo mi je drago da to čujem. Hahaha pa hvalaaaa, sad si me baš nasmejala :))))


I can't believe I missed this :O Serbian history along with fruit and the months of the year is so amazing :D


I am glad you like it :)


Thank you for your lessons! I would love to learn more.


You're welcome. I hope to teach you more :)

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