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  5. "What is your job?"

"What is your job?"

Translation:Sizin işiniz ne?

March 27, 2015



What about the rule that the verb comes always last?


The verb is "is" so this is using the copula for 3rd person singular (because "your job" is an "it").


Could somebody please explain, why here the question word comes last and not the verb. In the sentence "o ne içer" it was other way round and now I'm completely confused. Thanks!


As I understand it, the difference you are seeing is whether the verb is a separate word--like "drinks"--or a suffix--like the copula for "is." Because you (generally) don't add a suffix for the 3rd person singular copula, it looks like the verb is missing.

O ne içer? = O (subject) + ne (object) + içer (verb) = He + what + drinks

Sizin işiniz ne? = Sizin işiniz (subject) + ne (object) + ____ (verb suffix) = Your job + what + is

In contrast, "What are you?" would use the 2nd person singular copula suffix. "Sen nesin?" = Sen (subject) + ne (object) + sin (verb suffix)


What's the difference between nedir and ne?


Ne is just nedir whit the later part dropped. Ne is informal, while nedir is more formal and polite. Actually, this sentence sounds a little bit wrong. I would rather translate "What is your job" as either "Senin işin ne?" or "Sizin işiniz nedir?(Here "Siz" is not the second plural, but the respect form of the second singular) "


Thanks for that information. I was quite confused when when I watch turkish drama because they alway say siz whereas they only refer to one person


İşin ne? is also correct


It is correct, will.


How Do you know it's the final and not the plural of you?


David, i don't think it makes a difference if you think of it as plural, cause if you imagine saying this sentence to more than one person, it would also be correct. And they all can give you same or different answers.


I do not understand


I have always thought that what is your job is, Ne iş yapıyorsun? What is the difference?

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