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  5. "De har böcker och tidningar."

"De har böcker och tidningar."

Translation:They have books and newspapers.

March 27, 2015



why is the speaker pronouncing 'de' as 'dom'?


Because that's the way it's said.


Thanks for the pronunciation correction!


I've always heard it as "doh" until this one.


I have got - I've got They have got - They've got

Ex: I've got to go!

Its not commonly said as "i have got" because it sounds strange, therefore it is condensed. Technically it is proper english, its just not common to say and people will think you're strange if you use that wording.


Is it common for the pronunciation of "de" (this is the listening only version of this sentence - type what you hear I mean) I hear "dom" or "don" like d-oh-n/m. I knew it was de from the context I just can't tell if it's my ears or a dialect. BTW it's the woman speaking.


Swedish actually pronounces "de" as "dom" and apparently it is now even allowed to write "dom" even though that's not really the proper writing. My explanation as to why that is would be that, as you probably know, Sweden, Denmark and Norway were unified for a long time and had one languge in which the word for they was "de". In Danish and Norwegian it is still pronounced that way but in Swedish it has been changed to that "dom" by natural language evolution while conserving the writing.


Yes, from my Swedish teacher. Swedes pronounce "de" as dom. If you're a foreigner like me, soon you'll come to see that Swedish is a language sure the spelling doesn't always correlate with the actual pronunciation. :-)


Is "böcker" pronounced "becker"?

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