"Har du skickat inbjudningarna ännu?"

Translation:Have you sent the invitations yet?

March 27, 2015



I remember än meaning "yet." But I don't think I have seen ännu yet. When should we use ännu?

March 27, 2015


Ännu and än are interchangeable.

March 27, 2015


Is that only in the case of 'yet', or could you say 'än bättre' instead of 'ännu bättre' too?

April 2, 2015


Both work, but "ännu bättre" would be far more common.

April 2, 2015


I've seen in some places (like Wiktionary) that "än" is generally used for positive statements and "ännu" for negative ones to mean "yet". Is this not the case?

January 24, 2016


I think they're pretty much interchangeable, it's more that there could be some personal or regional preferences. I'd prefer än in all time senses, but for the comparative, I'd say ännu bättre and not än bättre, although both are acceptable.

January 30, 2016


"the invites" is used in speech more often than "the invitations" where i come from in NE England, but this was marked wrong :(

July 10, 2019


Finns det skillnaden mellan inbjudan och inbjudning? Tack!

May 11, 2016


inbjudning is out of fashion except very colloquially, it's mostly used in compound words such as inbjudningskort ("invitation letter"). But there are still people who do use it, so it's certainly not wrong.

July 1, 2016


Why does "have you already sent the invitations?" not work?

February 14, 2019


I have the same question. What is the difference between 'already' and 'yet'?

May 10, 2019


"already" means something occurred sooner than you had expected it to.

"yet" means "until now", normally with an expectation that something will happen.

So you can say "She already ate the candy", but not "She yet ate the candy."

And you can say "Has she eaten the candy yet?" and it will mean you're simply asking if it has happened - but you can also say "Has she eaten the candy already?" and it will mean you're expressing surprise that she ate the candy sooner than expected.

Swedish redan works like "already", and än like "yet". They don't correspond 100% perfectly, but they generally work the same way.

May 10, 2019



May 11, 2019
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