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  5. "Otelden denizi görüyoruz."

"Otelden denizi görüyoruz."

Translation:We see the sea from the hotel.

March 27, 2015



why is görüyoruz translated as 'we see'? shouldn't it be 'we are seeing'?


"see" is a stative verb in English.

"seeing someone" means dating someone.


Can't it mean both: I am seeing [the object] right in front of me. I am seeing [the person]?


It sounds a bit awkward to say it like "I am seeing the object in front of me". It sounds like when people want to fake Indian accents.


Seeing someone is also used for dating someone but it still means that you see a person with your eyes primarily.

Dating someone is only implied.


Sometimes it's really hard to tell how specific to be with DuoLingo. I feel like the course should be more consistent - sometimes it insists on literal translations (keeping in the present continuous); sometimes not. Apparently "we are looking" is wrong too...


Yes! Still not complaining tho, love the course! But it would be less confusing if this didn't differ....


The more natural statement in English would be "We can see the sea from the hotel" but for obvious reasons it gets marked wrong. A little frustrating none the less.


I made a thread about this problem. Some other courses on Duolingo allow 'I can see' and 'I see' interchangeably, so it doesn't have to be this way.


Can't it be translated as we are watching? Doesn't it mean the same?


"Looking" is usually bakmak, e.g. Denize bakıyoruz "We are looking at the see".


why my answer we are seing is wrong if goruyoruz is a continuos verb?


Because the usage of the continuous tenses is not the same in English and Turkish.

"See", in English, is usually a stative verb in the meaning "perceive with your eyes" and does not usually form continuous tenses.

See e.g. http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/stative-verbs.html


Why is "ocean" not acceptable?


Because an ocean is not a sea :) "ocean" is "okyanus" is Turkish. "Deniz" is a body of water connected to the ocean that is not the ocean itself (like the Black Sea or the Mediterranean)


"Otelden denizi görüyoruz." Translation: We see the sea from the hotel.

"From the hotel we see the sea." - Baska doğru İngilizce cevap.

Ablative case suffix "-den." From a place.


How do I say that sentence without yor?

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