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  5. "Er det langt væk?"

"Er det langt væk?"

Translation:Is it far away?

March 27, 2015



Shouldn't 'is it a long way?' also be acceptible?


I think it changes the meaning of the sentence very subtly. To me, 'is it far away' might be asked if, for example, you meet someone who comes from a town you've never heard of, and you're just interested to know if it's far away. Whereas 'is it a long way' would be asked if you actually wanted to travel there yourself and were preparing for the journey. It puts the focus onto the way rather than the place at the other end.


But I think she is asking how you say "is it a long way?" would that also be er det langt væk or is there another way of saying it? I would also like to know the answer if someone knows.


"is it a long way" would be more like talking about the road, like: "er det en lang vej"


So does langt only refer to distance? I answered "Is it long gone?" which means obviously something really different.


When referring to times, "long" is "længe".


I'm probably just hungry but I hear something that sounds like ' Is it lunch break?'


Is it far - shoujd be acceptable!


I got a point for "Er de..." I can't hear the difference between "det" and "der".


why is "is it long gone?" wrong? when you click on the words they literally say that.


without a context, it's impossible to tell if langt should be translated as long or far, so both should be acceptable, no?


Would "is it a long way" be correct?


"is it a long way?" would be more like talking about the road instead of how far away it is.


There's even a movie with that in the title.

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