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  5. "Biz iyiyiz, siz nasılsınız?"

"Biz iyiyiz, siz nasılsınız?"

Translation:We are fine, how are you?

March 27, 2015



Is nasıl the basic question word for "how"?


MQC5YD klübüne katılın


Do you include the siz (instead of leaving nasılsınız by itself) because there are two different pronouns in this sentence? And would it be correct to take out siz in this sentence, or is it necessary?


yes. You cannot omit the personal pronouns if there is more than one subject


Can "siz nasılsınız" translated as "how about you"?


I don't think so.

In this sentence, "-sınız" is the "to be copula" ending, so it literally means "you are." So "siz nasılsınız" is sort of "you how-(you)are?" Translate that into actual English and you get "how are you?"


Yes, it has the same meaning. How about you? or what about you? can refer sen nasilsin? or siz nasilsiniz?


Please could someone help me with a question about the pronunciation of the 2 different "i"s in Turkish? Is the Turkish i with a dot pronounced like double e in English, and the Turkish i without the dot pronounced like a short i in English? (ie the difference in pronunciation between eg been and bin, or sheep and ship). Also, is the difference as important in Turkish as it is in English?


Why don't you add miyim to the end of the sentence to show you are posing a question?


you mean "nasıl mıyım" ?

This would make as much sense as the English question "Am I how ?"

If there is already an interrogative word in the phrase, you can't use mi/mı/mü/mö, which has got the meaning of something like "is the statement formed by the other words of the phrase true ?"

miyim = mi-y-im:

mi = spoken question mark

y = copula

im = suffix for 1 person singular


how are you - what about you (I think that they are same thing)


So would you use nasılsınız to ask how someone is if you don't know them well? Would using this to ask a friend be rude?

Nasılsın is the friendlier (non plural) version, correct?


How is the "ğ" pronounced, closest letter in English

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