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Why my french flag is always wrong? never is 16 :/ more than a year with this problem

And now the flag is always disappearing :/ I complained 5 times and nothing , the flag only shows up the moment I post something then when I come back, it sometimes is there other times is not there and other times is a different level , yesterday was 10 ... My real level is 16 ... I am sad with that :'( . Please someone do something :'( :'(

March 27, 2015



I have the same problem! also with French :D

It shows a level down under my current level, but it shows the real level on my profile page. On your page it is level 1 on French!!! I wonder if you have "Reset your progress" ?


Yes I reseted it now but was in another course, french- portuguese , but I am still level 16 in french-english, when I come back there is all right , but the problem goes back again and again :/


Do you have this problem only with English platform, or with Portuguese platform either? I have it only with Arabic platform.


No matter the platform, always the same problem, my real level only appears when I comment something, after that it disappears or just shows another level :/


How strange. There is no French flag now.


yeah :'( :'( but I am in the course level 16 :'(


I have the same problem, I'm sixteen level in English but my flag has disappeared, it went as ago two weeks and no has returned to appear... sometimes it appear for come back to leave again, uh, my English no is the great thing in fact is pretty ❤❤❤❤...


I sent an e-mail to duoligo but they answer with some things to do as refresh page, update flash player and deactivate extensions but nothing worked :/ , even them don't know what to do.


My Dutch flag often appears on my screen as level 3 (it's meant to be level 7). If you look at my flags does it show as 7 or 3 on anyone else's computer? Also - Turkish flag not there at all for me :(


turkisch is not there , I can't see it :( you have the same problem

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