"Vår tomat"

Translation:Our tomato

March 27, 2015

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Sounds romantic.


Not if you speak Russian – then it sounds like The thief is a tomato :D


I can't think of anything more romantic than that


Вор - томат


Bob the Tomato from "Veggie Tales"?


It does sound like that. But did you know that the T in Voldemort is silent? So its supposed to sound like Voldemore.


Our tomato?! Get your own!


Our family tomato.


Duolingo must fix the problem of writing the right option with capital letter. These can spoil a whole lesson, for example, this one


It is SO annoying, but nothing that can be fixed at course level.


I've started just translating in my head without looking at the words- that way I can figure it out on my own and then use the word bank to check myself.


As long as it does not spoil 'vår tomat'.


If you were a tomato i'd put you on the shelf and-and cherish you.


Why is it vår and not vårt or the other one???


Because tomat is an en-word.


It is hard for me to know when it is what. Should I just do some research or something and make a list of en and ett words?


This post is the most helpful one about it in the course so far: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6329293

There are some tendencies, but in the end you just have to learn most of it by rote. Try to learn the gender with every new word.


So glad Im dutch, since this lies very closely to what I always learned.. Cant imagine the struggle for English people


If you have to guess, there are statistically more en than ett. Also, try saying it out: ett tomat sounds awkward because there are 2 enunciated t's next to each other.


It sounds like it is saying domat instead of tomat.


Yes, and I just had this one as a "type what you hear" and wondered whether I ought to type "vår domat" (which is what I hear) or "vår tomat" (which is what I know it ought to be, but not what I hear). Reported it, hoping to have audio disabled.


It's not great but it's definitely not terrible enough for that.


On the Welsh course they flag them as "audio disabled" for being much less of than this one. It's slightly better now that I hear it on the computer, but on Android it's actually quite bad. It's actually closer to "vårdomat" (i.e. a new invention, where you get your health care out of a machine - like a cash machine but for health care instead of money) than "vår tomat". :-)


It's the exact same audio on the desktop and Android versions, though.


The speakers might differ, yes, but that has to do with your cell phone and not with Android. The source is the same even if your output isn't.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the report and I do frequently turn audio off for sentences where it's bad. It's just that I would rather have a slightly bad audio than none at all. I know the Welsh course does things differently, and I respect that.


But the speakers might differ, just like the sound playing algorithm. I always have worse sound on the android than I have on my stationary computer, and my laptop is somewhere in between.

Not saying anything HAS to be fixed, I'm just saying that the Welsh crew would disable "type what you hear" exercises when the sound is far closer to the real thing than this "vårdomat".


I'm preeetty sure I didnt have vår anywhere before so quessing the word really was a shot in the dark. :P it luckily paid off.

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It sounds like its saying 'vore du mat' which, while a combo of languages, is odd to say the least...


Sounds correct to me at least. :)


Needs work on the translation it sounds like vår du mat. Nothing like tomat


Indeed - one of the worst audios in the entire course... "Vårdomat" - the machine where you get your medical treatment? :-)


Its it said like Vor?


What is the difference between vart, var and vara?


Time to get serious... :-)

vart = where to

var = where

vara = to be

vara = a buyable object in a shop

vårt = our (a singular ett-word)

vår = our (a singular en-word)

våra = our (multiple objects)

värt = worth (as in "How much is that house worth" - "Hur mycket är det där huset värt")

'a', 'å', and 'ä' are completely different vowels in Swedish - not just variations of 'a'. The Swedish alphabet ends with "x, y, z, å, ä, ö", so if you're searching a physical dictionary for the meaning of the word "äpple" you'll never find it under 'a' (i.e. early in the dictionary) but you'll find it under 'ä' (i.e. near the end of the book).

  • vår is for singular en-words
  • vårt is for singular ett-words
  • våra is for plurals


So are "en" and "ett" words like "a" and "an" words?


Not at all. They're different genders like un and una in Spanish, for instance. But unlike in many other languages, they're just grammatical genders, not masculine / feminine.


Your tomato? no, no, no- OUR tomato :)

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