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"Dal tetto vediamo il castello."

Translation:From the roof we see the castle.

September 3, 2013



Though "can" is not present in the Italian, we "can" see the castle would be more natural in English.


the first words in this were really unintelligible, the words overlapped


And tetto sounds also in snail speed like Queso


I would generally agree, but that actually does mean something different. "can see the castle" indicates the ability to do something, without necessarily doing it. "we see the castle" indicates actually doing the action.


I understand that can is not a direct translation, but as an American speaker, I can tell you that "We see the castle from the roof" will actually be said as "We can see the castle from the roof". Part of translation and interpretation is transliteration of the meaning, not the actual words used. "How would a native express the same sentence" is to always be on the forefront of one's mind.


Not when beginning language instruction, using beginning software. There is a specific word for "can" or "to be able to", and that word, "potere" (in this case possiamo) was not offered here. Nor was riuscire. There are situations (odd ones, to be sure, but still plausible) where one might say "We see the castle from the roof".


I'm not a native English speaker and even I translated "can" into the sentence without even thinking about it. It just sounds much more natural.


How would an Italian say the English sentence "We can see the castle from the roof" in Italian?

Italians, thank you!


Possiamo vedere il castello dal tetto.


shouldn't it be rooftop


Duo really should take "we see the castle from the roof."


that's what I said and it was accepted


The app offers "saw" as well as "see" as a translation for "vediamo" so I tried it & got told it was wrong!!


Is rooftop not an acceptable translation of tetto, bearing in mind it is suggested by you?


'We see the roof from the castle' wasn't accepted. No idea why?

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