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XP system for Turkish learning

Selam, I have a small question regarding the point assignation in the Turkish course. So far, I've been learning Dutch in Duolingo for a couple of months by doing massive use of the "strengthen your skills" option. In the Dutch course, completing a "strengthen your skills" task gives you 10 XPs, no matter the number of mistakes made throughout the task.

In the Turkish course, it seems to be always less than that (3 or 4 XPs).

Is there any reason for that?

March 27, 2015



It's a change to the way Duo are scoring strengthen skills exercises or repeating lessons you have already completed. It should apply to all languages not just Turkish.

New lessons get you 10xp. The xp you get from repeated of strengthen skills depends depends on how 'strong' the words in that lesson are. The weaker the words the more xp you get.

I'd guess you are quite far down the Dutch tree so the words you are getting are ones you haven't practiced in a while, which is why you are getting more xp for them.


Thanks for the answer :) I must admit that, in almost two months doing Duolingo, I only had less than 10 XP a couple of times when strengthening my skills in Dutch, and I thought it was simply a mistake of the app :)

Now everything's clear ;)


It only came in a few weeks ago. There was a long thread or two complaining at the time. If you started Dutch a couple of months ago you would have been getting 10xp at the start.


Ok. Light has been definitely shed on my doubts. Thanks again


Ok. I just completed another "Strengthen your skill" task and got 9 XPs... I guess I should have posted, after having a more statistically sound argument :P

Anyway, can you confirm that you get 10 only by doing the whole task correctly?

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