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Streak Freeze

The lingot announcement comment is capped at 100 replies, so I'll ask this here.

How does the streak freeze work? Do you buy a freeze before or after the missed day? If before, can you buy more than one and stockpile them for unforeseen circumstances? Do they ever expire after you buy them?

September 3, 2013



Hi octal! Streak freezes don't expire. You can only have one at a time. They also trigger automatically, So, if you miss a day and have a streak freeze it'll be used up. You'd have to have "purchased" it before you lose your streak. If you have more questions ask away!


Hi Kristine! One more clarification. Does one streak freeze suffice to hold the streaks of all languages studied even if the streak of each language is different? Or does it hold the streak for only the language with the highest streak?


I think that you should be able to stockpile freezes. Last week I was camping in the wilderness and was sad to see my 30+ day streak go away.

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