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duolingo gives me mostly "Translate to English" questions :(

I have noticed that in recent lessons duolingo gives me mostly "Translate to English" questions. It used to be half "Translate to French" and half "Translate to English". Any guess why?

September 3, 2013



I second this question - it really frustrates me because i have a feeling that with duolingo all i ever learn is to recognize italian words, and not to acatually use them


i just did a quick search on the forum - turns out this has been suggested by many people before, but it seems duolingo has never commented. As I just wrote elsewhere - if they don't imo they risk the accusation that it's the business model to some extent which dictates the types of exercises being practiced


Agree. I recognize most of the words, but when it comes to using i am a bit rusty.


There have always been more French to English sentences in my experience. This is partially explainable by the fact that new words are often introduced as part of a French sentence. If a lesson contains 8 new words, you already know that at least 8 of the 20 sentences will be Fr > En. If you combine that with multiple choice, listening, and speaking exercises, you will probably end up with 3 En > Fr sentences.

I'm not sure if the balance is better in practice exercises, but I hope it is because I think it's a better way to practise a language.


I've been doing lots of practice exercises and it's slightly better but still the proportion of eng->ita is much too low imo.


I have been thinking the same, so when I'm finished I'll see how i can get on with the reverse, learn English from Italian. I'll see how many English to Italian questions :P

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