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Turkish in App???

Is there a good reason that Turkish from English is not available in the app version of Duo? I personally very much prefer using the app instead of the webpage. Is it expected to be available in the app or do I have to update my version of the app for the new language to be available?

Thanks, and thanks to the Turkish course developers for their work!

March 27, 2015



It usually takes a couple of weeks for a new language to get on the apps, but it will come! When it does, you will need to update your app to get it.


It has only just been released - therefore it isn't available on the app. I'm not sure when it will be added though, it usually takes a few weeks and you'll have to update the app in order to study Turkish from it when that time arrives :)


I was able to do one turkish lesson on the app when I was going through the tree. I think the wifi or internet connection was not fast enough for a moment, so Duo did not throw me out of the course right away. At least in that one lesson it worked without any problems, so I don't think it will take that much time until it will be available on the app. Swedish, Danish, Irish got there pretty fast, too.

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