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  5. "Ólann seasca madra uisce."

"Ólann seasca madra uisce."

Translation:Sixty dogs drink water.

March 27, 2015



madra uisce is the term for 'otter' so in line with some of the crazy sentences we have, we could also have: sixty otters drink!


Why isnt it madrai?


Only a few nouns in Irish use plural forms with numbers. Most just use the singular.


Answered my question from another thread! Thank you.


That's counter-intuitive for a native English speaker.


Only if you look at it as if everything must be done the way English does things. To some it might make more sense not to inflected nouns for plural after numbers.


Well, not really. Even in English there are nouns like 'fish' or 'sheep' that are take the singular in a plural situation. (Horse used to be another such word, but I think that would be considered archaic by now.)

Maybe you could see it as a bunch situation - you can have many grapes in a bunch, but the bunch is singular. When it comes to number in Irish it seems like a lot of words turn into bunches. (I asked this question earlier and the penny just dropped.)

Hope that analogy helps a little.


"fish" and "sheep" are admittedly slightly different than nouns in Irish, as "fish" and "sheep" use the same singular and plural form, whereas "madra" and "madraí" are both rather different.

That aside, I quite like your bunch analogy, and I suspect that that will help me quite a bit. Thanks for the assistance.


12 dog sled team, 6 week period, 11 man team, 6 day week, 7 horse race, 6 planet system, 12 episode series...


...agus a úsáid seasca crainn? :)


Really learn't today about numbers and not using plural in Irish Love it. Go raibh maith agat


But all dogs go to heaven.


That sounds like a whole lotta slobber.

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