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  5. "Balıklar sandviçleri yer."

"Balıklar sandviçleri yer."

Translation:The fish eat the sandwiches.

March 27, 2015



I like to think of this sentence as a kind of sequel to "Why are the sandwiches in the sea?"


Because Pudge controls the weather.


imagine piranhas :D


Why is my answer "The fish eat the sandwiches" not correct?


If it was "the fish" it would be baliğ without "the" it's just fish


The answer has been edited/corrected: "The fish eat the sandwiches." I wrote this & it was accepted as a correct solution.

Teşekkür ederim.


I would also like to know


you dont have to translate it, just say it


Finger sandwiches?


Only in the waters around the Sandwich Islands.


so in this sentence Sandwich is not general direct object? as we learn that general direct object do not need plural suffix at the end.

like I know that "adamlar elmalar yer is incorrect why this sentence is correct?

  • "Adamlar elmalar yer." is incorrect, yes. If we rectify that, it must be "Adamlar elma yer." (The men eat apples.)

  • "Adamlar elmaları yer." (The men eat the apples) . This is correct. Like in the sentence above, "the sandwiches"

  • "Adamlar elmayı yer." = "The men eat the apple."


Isn't Balıklar plural for fish?


Yes, and in English "fish" is plural for "fish". There is another plural "fishes" but it is rarely used and only in certain contexts. It is not the usual plural of "fish". If you come home from a fishing trip, I would ask "How many fish did you catch?" not "fishes".


Yes, and fish itself is a plural noun.


does it also mean " eat the fish sandwiches ! " ?


Nope, that would be "Balık sandviçlerini yer" :)


Those kind of sentences, how would you use it in a real life situation?



"Balıklar sandviçleri yer." Translation: Fish eat the sandwiches.

Good morning & you are correct.

You would not use this is real life & if you did we would all laugh together as friends. Try to focus on the Turkish grammar context of the sentence which is serious & regard the rest in good humour.

Balıklar - subject & plural noun. Sandviçleri - object. Sandviç - root word (sandwich) + plural suffix "-ler" + (possessive) case marker "-i" front vowel. Yer - eats (verb)

The sentence is helping you learn the Turkish case markers & yes some of Duo's questions are funny but memorable.

Kind regards.

I'm now following you.


i thought it was eat fish sandwiches


What about "he eats fish sandwiches"?


Singular noun should have Singular verb!


Why cosidered wrong?balıklar means fishes..how we say fish?


Isn't it "fishes eat the sandwiches"? Can anyone help me understand?


"Balıklar sandviçleri yer." Translation: Fish eat the sandwiches.


Hello & I will try to explain.

The Turkish question is as follows:

Balıklar - plural (noun) for "fish."

sandviçleri - "the" sandwiches (accusative) case. The dotted "i" front vowel suffix. The "definite" sandwiches.

ye - "eat" & yer - "eats." "Yerler" - is wrong as the noun is already plural & acts as the third person verb conjugation.

The subject definite article "the."

The subject definite article "the" does not exist as a word in Turkish. Subjects are understood as being "specific."

There is no Turkish word for the subject definite article, only the context tells us when to insert "the" in English:

Çay pahalı. - Tea is expensive.

Çay soğuk. - The tea is cold.

Araba caddede. - The car is in the road.

The object definite article is suffixed with i ı u ü "the" [accusative] Hilmi telsizi [telsiz-i] tamir etti. Hilmi mended "the" radio.

Kind regards.




[Grammar] One size doesn't fit all: Use of singulars & plurals in Turkish & English. Selcen_Ozturk (miss) In Turkish, if you have a general direct object, there is no need to put any case or suffix on the object itself. A general direct object is one that uses “a/an” or the plural without “the.” If you want to be specific, you can add the numeral "bir" to makes sure that the meaning “a/an” is given.

In general, we love using singular objects & everything is countable in Turkish, water, oil, sugar, bread, air, anything you can imagine having a plural form too. For example: The men eat an apple: Adamlar (bir) elma yer. The men eat the apples: Adamlar elmaları yer. The men eat the apple: Adamlar elmayı yer. The men eat apples: Adamlar elma yer. Adamlar elmalar yer is simply wrong in Turkish.

3rd person plurals in Turkish. In Turkish, why do plural nouns act as the third person singular verb conjugation? When it’s clear that the noun is plural, you don’t need the plural suffix (-lar/-ler) when conjugating the verb. For example: Giderler (They go). You don’t know if the subject is singular or plural because there is no subject in the sentence. The only way to understand what the subject is, is to look at the verb conjugation. Kaplumbağalar gider. (Turtles go). The subject already has the plural suffix. You don't need another one when conjugating the verb. If you want to, you can use both. But sometimes it sounds unnatural.

Thank you.


Thank you so much for the whole explanation! :) Warm regards from Colombia.


the plural of fish is fish and not fishes


Use of nonsense statements spoils Duolingo as a learning tool. Using language always relies on "joining the dors". Fish eating sandwiches is nonsense!!


Sorry for not writing regarding to the topics, but I don't know where to write about the tests. Why are the tests containing words that the exercises don't?


TglsRezs PLUS


How can I help you?

I'm a learner & the only test I did was level 4. You will not do a test containing words that you have not learnt. I can give you some sound advise. Please complete each & every Turkish topic to level 4. If you unlock a row of topics to go forward to the next topics please return to all unfinished topics & complete them to conclusion. If you don't your Turkish knowledge will be patchy. Read all tips & notes if provided for a topic.

You are not in a race & learn at a steady pace. The discussion sites offer valuable grammar explanations & other correct answers. So please read them. Please get back to me if you need more detailed information on any topic.

Thank you.


What will be Turkish translation for 'fish eats sandwich'?


The fishs eat the sandwiches??


Plural for fish


Why "Fish eat sandwiches. " is incorrect?


Yok artık balıklar sandviç yemeye başladıysa domuzlar da uçmaya başlamışdır çoktan

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