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Possessive adjective vs. to be

How would speakers distinguish between "my daughter " and "I am the girl", as they can both translate into "kızım"? Would a situation like this depend on context, or should "Ben" or "benim" be added for clarification?

March 27, 2015



Well, if it means "I am the girl" there will be a period after it. "My daughter" itself is not a sentence, so there will be no period. Also, if for some reason you need to clarify, you can include "ben" or "benim" like you said.


when speaking we distinguish it by the stress. to be endings don't take stress while possessive endings do.

kız'IM - my girl

'KIZım - i am a girl

As for reading it is easy to understand it from the context.


my daughter => (benim) kızım i am the girl => ben kızım.

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