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  5. "Chi è il prossimo?"

"Chi è il prossimo?"

Translation:Who is next?

September 3, 2013



Why is "Who is the next" wrong?

September 3, 2013


Because - as far as I know - that's not how it's said in English. I've only ever heard "who's next" and, by people hopelessly in love with definite articles, "who's the next one". Omitting "one" from the latter example sounds very strange, because you make it sound like the adjective ("next") is a definite subject.

November 7, 2013


I don't agree; in England where I live I would find it perfectly natural in certain situations to say 'who is the next?' The appropriate noun (e.g.person whose turn it is) would be understood from the context. It's not like other adjectives which would not naturally stand alone, and would sound wrong, like 'who is the happy?' I don't know why but that is the way it is.

March 17, 2016


Who is the next..... what? It sounds incomplete to me.

April 18, 2016


I wrote ""who is the next one" and was accepted.

December 11, 2013


When would you say that?

September 22, 2013


well it is grammatically correct, such as "who is the next in the queue", so it should be allowed.

September 23, 2013


No one would ever say "who is THE next" whether grammatical or not

September 25, 2013


who's the next idiot? ;) lost a heart, first i wrote it without "the" then i changed it because i was afraid duo would ❤❤❤❤❤ about it

November 27, 2013


Maybe this is an age thing? (I'm old). To me, who is the next sounds perfectly ok. As in, 'who is the next to die?" or even, "Who is the next to lose a heart"!

January 17, 2014


Yes, "Who is the next to X?", "Who is the next one?", "Who is next?". But not "Who is the next?" by itself which what I think he meant.

August 22, 2014


i also think "who is the next" should be marked correct

September 12, 2013


The next what, exactly? "Next" is an adjective, not a noun. There is no "the hungry", "the strong", "the awake", or "the next". If you must use definite articles with adjectives in English, you should at least include the subject, as in "who is the next one", or "who is the next person/client/patient".

November 27, 2013


I agree. I don't think it's any more weird than asking "who is the first/last?" or "who is the least?" or "who is the best/worst?" Anyone would intuit in English it's talking about "among us/you."

August 20, 2017


I am learning Italian!

November 25, 2013


Lingots for everyone!

April 24, 2014


That's wonderful crazy, right there Sebafleb.

Here's wishing you joy and peace all week long!

April 25, 2014


Including you!

October 23, 2014


Why is the article "il" needed here?

November 18, 2014


I have the same question! Why is 'who is the next?' incorrect?

November 1, 2013


Because "next" is an adjective. You may be "next", "next up", or "the next one", but I have yet to meet "the next".

It just does not make sense, judging by the same lingual logic that would break if somebody told me that "we are the happy".

November 27, 2013


I fully agree. This is as per your original explanation.

We have now come full circle in the discussion ... who's next? ;-)

February 7, 2014


And yet, the Statue of Liberty poem by Emma Lazarus...."Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."♡ :-)

May 13, 2014


Also, "who is the best?" Nobody would say "that's weird, the best what?" It may be contextual, but people say it all the time. "I'm the best!" or "You're the best!" And "who is the best?" isn't weird at all to me. Nobody says "the best what, though? That's incomplete."

August 20, 2017


There are substantivized adjectives. 'The rich', fir example, means rich people. I can't agree that 'the next' cannot be contexualized to name a person or an object.

January 15, 2019


I can go all night. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

July 3, 2014


Question: Can prossimo mean nearest? e.g. Dov'e il prossimo bagno?

March 15, 2015


Well, that sentence is actually a useful one.

April 11, 2015


Who is the next is correct also

May 28, 2018


"Who is the next person" or patient or contestent sounds ok but "Who is the next" sounds like an incomplete sentence. "Who is next" is correct.

May 29, 2018


W don't normally say 'who's the next one?, we say 'who's next?

September 14, 2018


For this native British English speaker "Who is the next" is perfectly acceptable. I'll continue to use it as it is correct colloquial English.

October 29, 2018


Final Destination :)

March 29, 2014


Why is it "chi è il prossimo",which literally translates to "who is the next?" and it's wrong. Italians explain please.

December 12, 2014


Just a minute !!! I translated this as "Who is next", but the response from DL was - "wrong - Who is the next 1". But, above is the translation I put down. Have I got an out of date copy of DL or is there a conflict in the answers ?

September 27, 2018


I had the same just now. It's probably another of many Italian Duo bugs, there are plenty of them throughout the course despite all the reports and comments.

October 5, 2018


Having now had a few weeks on the DL, I have become accustomed to the various vagaries in some of the lessons. You are quite right Anna678613, I suppose for a free language course these little bugs are a small price to pay. The moderators are top marks though.

October 5, 2018


In english, "Who is the next?" sounds weird. That's why only "Who's next?" is correct.

September 12, 2013


If weird sentences shouldn't be accepted, half of the examples in Duolingo would vanish :P

September 25, 2013


damn english articles - I'm trying to learn italian here and getting errors on "who is the next" sentences - it is very annoying. OK - I get it - it's wrong - I should write "who is next" but is it a good reason to take one of my hearts. duolingo - make it red color and let me go further coz I'm getting crazy here.

March 22, 2014


I wanted to write "Who's next" but then I decided to write "Who is the next?". DL corrected: "Who is the next 1"

July 1, 2018


"Who is the next". We are wittering on about English - when we are trying to learn ITALIAN. The 4 words translated are "Who", "is", "the", "Next". It is what is triggered in my head when I see the 4 Italian words.

October 29, 2018


"Who is next" does not feel right to this native British English speaker. To get out of a spiral of tail chasing I've used it but I resent having my language messed about, especially when the object is to learn ITALIAN

October 29, 2018


Could the answer also be "who is the closest?"

December 30, 2018


Why is "Who is the next" wrong? That is what is written in Italian

March 15, 2019


Duo sucks!

January 16, 2017


No one's forcing you to use it.

July 26, 2019
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