"Is aoibhinn linn spórt."

Translation:We love sport.

March 27, 2015

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Using sport as singular here is unusual to me. Anyone else? I would think it mean "having fun" when used this way (and it would still sound strange). If I were talking about sports, I'd use the plural. What is the Irish supposed to mean here?


This is an English dialect issue. For “competitive physical activity governed by rules”, US English speakers use “sports”, Canadian English speakers use either “sports” or “sport”, and other English speakers use “sport”. The Irish spórt means “sports”, if you would normally use “sports”.


Thanks much for clarifying! Guessing something like this, I had put in "sports" but was marked wrong. I figured I'd understand better before reporting it. If I run across it again, I will.


"Sports" is accepted now.


Is fuath liom spórt!

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