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"The jellyfish leaves the flæskesteg in the kitchen."

Translation:Vandmanden efterlader flæskestegen i køkkenet.

March 27, 2015



I'm just itching to find a way to sneak this one into a conversation somehow....


Can someone tell me the difference between the verbs "forlader" and efterlader" as I thought they both meant to leave.


My take on that would be that "forlader" refers to someone leaving a place, i.e. the "thing" that leaves "forlader" that place whereas "efterlader" is like "leaves behind" in the sense that someone left, but is leaving something in the place that they are.

"Hun efterlader ham ved bussen" = "She leaves him by the bus"

"Hun forlader busstoppestedet" = "She leaves the bus stop"

Once again I wish I knew my own language better and actually knew what grammatical rules are in play here, but this is just something "one knows" if one grew up speaking Danish :-)

Note that it is often in "past tense" that these words are used, where they become "forlod" and "efterlod".


Your reply is great and thorough! Thank you so much for the help!


i am a native danish speaker, but i actually don't know.. i think forlader is more like, abandoning.


Flæskesteg is not a word in the Oxford Dictionary!


What's a flæsketeg?


Flæskesteg is a special kind of roast pork, very popular in traditional Danish culture.


Whyyyy is no one remarking on the Danish word for jellyfish? WATER MAN !

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