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If I take one lesson each day, how long would it take to finish each language?

If I take one lesson each day, how long would it take to finish each language? In other words, how many lesson are in each language?

September 3, 2013



I don't know the exact number of lessons, but there are around 60 skills per language with probably 5-6 lessons per skill. So I would say there are around 360 lessons per language. So like aspielman said, about a year that is if you do not make any mistakes and you do not refresh your skills.


I can now appreciate why it takes so long to add a language and the tree that accompanies it. My plan is to spend about half an hour every day working on Spanish here on DL, hopefully I can finish in a few months time.


That is a good plan. Just do not rush through your skill tree. I mean be sure to refresh your skills quite often


For sure! I'm in no rush and so far am enjoying the course.

Thanks for the reply message!


what I plan to do is set a mininum number of lessons per day to achieve the learning in a timeframe between 3 and 6 months, this applied to every language one after another... so that is why i want to know the number of lessons per language


For sure a very long long time ;)

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