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"The farmer says that there is rødgrød with cream in the girl's blue socks."

Translation:Landmanden siger at der er rødgrød med fløde i pigens blå strømper.

March 27, 2015



From the chapter "everyday expressions" of a phrasebook :P


Has it become politically incorrect to use the word "Bonde" for "Farmer"?


Nope. You can also use "bondemand," although Duolingo doesn't accept it yet.


Jeg tror bestemt at landmanden har spist lidt for mange mærkelige planter


I'd ask you to go home, Duolingo, but it is obvious that I must be the one that is drunk.


So many weird things happen in Duolingo Land!


Bonden should be correct to use, and even farmer aswell. because we have mink farmers in Denmark =P

We might even have som illegal pot-farmers


I write the correct answer but it won't accept it, even if it is identical to the correction


When I come across the same thing, I check, check, check every word & spelling...then report it. Two seconds later, I find my error... :( Pis pis pis!


Is it really necessary to repeat the same Danish word over and over again in the "translated" part of this series? To me, it has been the most boring chapter yet - same phrases in every single sequence! Like there are no other animals than squirrels and penguins and no other foods than this untranslatable rødgrød or fleskesteg!

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