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  5. "Benim pantolonum"

"Benim pantolonum"

Translation:My pants

March 27, 2015


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Unlike English, pants, eye glasses and similar items with two pieces have singular names in Turkish.

March 27, 2015


Pants or trousers?

May 25, 2016

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I had the same question. Pantolon (Turkish) = pants (AmE) = trousers (BrE). K├╝lot (Turkish) = underpants (AmE) = pants (BrE).

June 6, 2016


In this case they mean trousers indeed, but used the American English word rather than the British English word. Very confusing. Either way, it is talking about what you wear to cover your legs ;p

October 22, 2018


So .. How to say " My pant?"

June 17, 2015


The word "pants" is never singular in English. (One pair of pants -- one garment -- is still called "pants.") In Turkish, it's different: one pair of pants is "pantolon," and many pairs of pants are "pantolonlar."

So here, "benim pantolonum" is "my pants," and I'm talking about one pair of pants.

If I were talking about multiple pairs of pants (all the pants in my closet, maybe), I'd say "benim pantolonlar─▒m."

June 19, 2015


So what about " pantalonum bende "? Is that makes any sense?

September 23, 2017


"My trousers." Accepted as another correct answer. I hate American English words period. As a Turkish Cypriot londoner fluent in English I hate American English words & Mainland Turkish visitors to my workplace love my fluent London English. They also know/recognise immediately my Turkish Cypriot dialect which is different to their spoken Turkish.

October 18, 2018


Strange that most things are written in British English yet this word isn't. Pants = underwear in British English Pants = trousers in American English

To me very confusing, wish both options would show.

October 22, 2018


Why to use indicators of possession three times for one thing, while in English, German, French, Polish, Russian one will be enough? Compare: "my pants" where only "my" shows possession (1st person singular), while in "benim pantolonum" you use 1) ben-, 2)-im, 3) -um? That's excessive and seems unnecessary, pantolonum would be enough. And how to tell apart "I" and "my"?

February 27, 2017


It's how language works. Compare:

French: Je mange, nous mangeons

English: I eat, we eat

Why the redundancy. You already have the pronoun. Why do you need to repeat it in the verb if you're speaking French.


Arabic: Lakinni la afhamu

Lit: But-me don't I-understand

English: But I don't understand

Why the repeated information. Why doesn't Arabic just use one 'I'.

It's a matter of preference, usage, and language.

October 20, 2017


Maybe its like "my own shoes" but I'm not sure

September 8, 2017
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