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Swedish chat group to practise.

We are using https://swedish.slack.com/ to practise in swedish conversation. Get invite from here https://swedish-slack-invite.herokuapp.com/ to join.

March 27, 2015



English: Remember, when you connect with Slack, download the app on your computer and your mobile so you can become active in chat. Also so you do not forget about it. Especially so you can get notifications when the chat is happening.

Swedish: Minnas, när du ansluta med Slack, ladda ner appen på datorn och din mobil så att du kan bli aktiv på chatten. Också så du glöm inte om det. Särskilt så att du kan få anmälningar när chatten är händer.


This is just too awesome, therefor: Bump!


Says you need an invite to join. :(

I'm pretty quiet on the discussions here -- mostly just do lessons on my phone -- but I would love more resources to interact more!

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