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Offline practice doesn't save progress


I've been having this problem for over a year - whenever I put my iPhone into airplane mode to use the offline mode and complete lessons, the next time I go back to it the progress is gone. I've redownloaded the app numerous times and it never seems to help. This happens every time I complete offline lessons :(

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

March 27, 2015



Just to get this detail out of the way: your streak does not continue until you connect to wifi/cell network and upload your progress. But that doesn't sound like the issue here, it sounds like you finish Unit B in offline mode but the next time you launch Duo, Unit B is still waiting, undone. FWIW, I've had the unit I just finished show up as not completed (airplane mode or not), but swiping to see previous lessons usually forces the screen to refresh.

When you go back to the app, are you turning airplane mode off? Is it the next day or the same day? What iOS do you have and how much free space?

Hypothesis 1: You make progress in airplane mode, wait until the next day, then reconnect to wifi, launch the app. Somehow the Duo servers--which have not received the day's work--overwrite the progress on your phone. If the overwriting is possible, then I think the time span wouldn't matter.

Hypothesis 2: You make progress in airplane mode, but something on your phone is preventing local data from being saved. This means that the next time you launch the app--still in Airplane mode--you can't see your changes.


Thanks for your response.

To confirm, yes it's not the streak that is the issue here, but lessons not being shown as completed.

Yes, when I turn airplane mode off. (Or sometimes just if I've lost connection on the subway during the lesson and then regain internet connection). It's always the same day, often less than 10 minutes afterwards. As soon as it reconnects to the internet, I can visibly see the lesson switch from completed to not completed.

I'm using iOS 8.2 and currently have over 15GB of free space.

I suspect it must be something to do with hypothesis 2, but it must be local to the app, because I have no offline issues with any other app.


Someone had a similar issue--at least, it seemed to relate to connectivity--and found that logging out and logging back in seemed to help. Maybe it's worth a shot?


Thanks, I have tried that. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and logged in and out countless times over the past year and it never seems to help.

It's frustrating that there's no way to turn offline mode off for me, since I could survive without it, but the drops in connectivity are unpredictable. :(


This has been going on for months? Ok, I know it's a drastic measure, but: have you ever tried wiping your phone?


I actually have wiped my phone once since this issue began, when I took it in to get the battery replaced, but I then restored from backup, so I'm not sure if that would just restore the issue.


I've got a similar issue. Today I was on a subway and doing "Food" in german. When I've turned on the app I had 4/6 done. Completed the remaining 2, got a congrats screen on finishing it and was sent back to the main screen where I choose the categories and it still said 4/6. Restarted the app, 4/6. Even when I'm connected the progress is lost. This is the second time it happened while on a subway. Not too big of an issue, but still would be nice to not lose progress.

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