"Eu tenho conta naquele banco."

Translation:I have an account in that bank.

September 3, 2013

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Is it not necessary to say "UMA conta"?


Look it, don't have difference for the Brazilians, but uma/um in our language can to mean one or a/an, therefore if you want to say the numbers of the accounts in bank, you need to put um/uma.

Olhe, não tem diferença para os Brasileiros, mas uma/um em nossa língua pode significar um/uma (número) ou um/uma (artigo), portanto se você quiser dizer o número de contas no banco, você precisa colocar um/uma.

Understand? ^^


with, in, and at should all work right? Unless Brazilian Portuguese makes a distinction between each...


I agree but with was not accepted as of today (27.8.2017). Maybe a native speaker can help us out. Thanks


"I have an account with that bank" is correct, but it's still not excepted (18.7.2019)


Yeah, same 15.12.19

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